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Fall plant sale at the Nursery at Garden Gate

The Nursery at Garden Gate Landscape & Design has been one of my favorite places to visit since the launch of Plant More Plants. Located on a large wooded lot in Montpelie
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Fall in Full Swing


Enjoy some fall photos from Glen Allen Nursery and Garden Center in Henrico County, Virginia. This garden center is one more than 40 retail partners in the Plant More Pl

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Digging In to Compost


We’ve been composting at my house for close to two years. One corner of the kitchen is reserved for old coffee cans where food scraps await their trip to the backyard compost bin. Grass clippings and fallen leaves go in there, too

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Plants We Love: Heuchera

I admit it: I’ve got a hankering for heuchera. There’s something about this member of the Saxifrage family that gives me joy. Maybe it’s the dainty flowers, the earth-toned foliage or the adorable cultivar names like ‘Purple Petticoat,’ ‘Southern Comfort,’ ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Cinnabar Silver,’ to name a few.

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So many plant sales, so little time


Ah, fall is almost upon us. Time to don light jackets and indulge in pumpkin-flavored goodies. Perhaps apple cider or an Oktoberfest beverage is calling your name. It won't be long before kids are deciding on Halloween costumes

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Your inspiration to plant more plants

Spring is finally here, and our yards are beckoning us outside. Here?s a list of April events that are sure to get you in the planting mood.

April 12-13
8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Everything will be 20 percent off at Colesville Nursery, 14011 Nursery Road, Ashland, Va. Lines get long at this annual sale, so arrive early and bring a plant wish list. Enter to win one of two Japanese maples.

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Mark Your Calendar for These Spring Plant Sales and Giveaways

Some of us soon might be gazing wistfully at snow out our windows, but the truth is spring is not far away. What better way is there to beat the winter doldrums than to gear up for spring planting? 

To help get you started, we've compiled the following list of upcoming plant sales and giveaways. All events are in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and many are put on by nonprofits, Master Gardeners or local soil and water conservation districts. 

Can't make it to one of these events? Browse the list of Plant More Plants retail partners. Most will be opening soon to fulfill all your spring planting needs.

Remember: More Plants. Less Runoff. Healthier Bay. 

Going on now

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Top 10 Bay-Friendly Gifts


Selecting gifts for your Chesapeake Bay-loving friends need not be difficult! Here are our top 10 bay-centric gifts: 

1) "
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Everything You Need to Know about Rain Gardens


A rain garden is a terrific way to add beauty and eco-friendly benefits to a yard. The concept is simple: strategically placed plants help absorb excess rainwater before it flows off the lawn and dirties our rivers and streams

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Fall is the best time to Plant More Plants


You may have heard the slogan, ?Fall is for Planting.? It isn?t just a marketing gimmick invented by the landscape or nursery industries. Fall really is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. One reason is that soils are still warm and will promote strong root growth even through winter. Fall also is cooler, so the need to water isn?t as great. 
Plus, working in the yard on crisp autumn days is downright pleasant versus toiling under the harsh summer sun.
We at Plant More Plants have been busy gearing up for fall. Our website has undergone a fall makeover that?s sure to inspire you past the autumnal equinox. Finding local landscape experts, retailers and helpful resources for fall planting is easier than ever.
The Plant More Plants message also will be hitting the airwaves this fall. Watch for our ads on broadcast and cable TV in the Richmond and Hampton Roads markets, and on cable in the Washington, D.C. area. Here's one of our ads:

If you live in these regions, look for our banner ads on websites for HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network and others. 

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