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2011 Stihl Tour des Trees Rolls Through Virginia's Capital

Many people are familiar with the Tour de France, but few probably have heard of the Tour des Trees.

Tour des Trees is an annual long-distance cycling excursion that raises money for tree research and education. It started in 1992, so it's considerably younger than its more famous French counterpart, which began in 1903.

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An Arborist's Favorite Time of Year

It's spring time and a young man's thoughts turn to...Planting trees!

As an arborist for the City of Richmond, I always look forward to spring and the rebirth of our natural world after a long, cold and dreary winter. The early buds of maple and elm daring a heavy frost to nip them back. The burst of color from saucer magnolias, followed by redbud's delicate purple flowers. These are a few of the many signs that remind me spring is upon us. I love to drive over the Lee Bridge and look westward on the James River to try and detect the faint green haze that gradually crests into a full-fledged wave as the forest comes alive again.

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