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Digging In to Compost


We’ve been composting at my house for close to two years. One corner of the kitchen is reserved for old coffee cans where food scraps await their trip to the backyard compost bin. Grass clippings and fallen leaves go in there, too

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Baby, It's Hot Outside! Tips For Watering When The Heat Is On

Last summer was a scorcher, and who knows what this year will bring. By proactively planning now for efficient watering this summer, you can help protect your landscape plants from stressful summer conditions. Here are some easy tips to consider.

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The 5 Percent Rule

My basic plant doctor advice is: "Add organic matter in the form of your own homemade compost such as leaf litter mixed with grass clippings, or tilled-in cover crops - and call me in the morning!" In the gardening world, you hear people speak of the "soil food web." It takes a community to raise a plant, under our feet and often little noticed.

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Getting to Know Your Soil

This is a continuation of a previous post by Virginia Rockwell on the topic of soil. Read "This is Only a Test," from April 18.

Your soil results are in - now what?

Most of us aren't soil scientists. When we see technical terms and symbols, we begin to glaze over and reach for the fertilizer bag - at a very high cost to our streams, the Bay and local taxes. Having a garden coach who understands your way of gardening, budget and proper equipment constraints is important. You and your horticulturalist, designer, landscaper, nutrient management planner and local extension agent have the results. They can now help interpret the analysis and further advise you on your next steps.

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