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5 Virginia Native Plants with Gorgeous Fall Colors

When we think of fall foliage, there are two plants that always come to mind: The burning bush (Eyonymous alatus compactus) and Bradford pear. Unfortunately, these once-venerated plants, although beautiful, are now becoming a problem in our native woodlands. They both have a bad tendency to naturalize, taking over large territories and choking out native species. There are a few native plants, however, that can put on just as good of a show and support a sustainable landscape at the same time. 
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Fall in Full Swing


Enjoy some fall photos from Glen Allen Nursery and Garden Center in Henrico County, Virginia. This garden center is one more than 40 retail partners in the Plant More Pl

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So many plant sales, so little time


Ah, fall is almost upon us. Time to don light jackets and indulge in pumpkin-flavored goodies. Perhaps apple cider or an Oktoberfest beverage is calling your name. It won't be long before kids are deciding on Halloween costumes

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Fall is the best time to Plant More Plants


You may have heard the slogan, ?Fall is for Planting.? It isn?t just a marketing gimmick invented by the landscape or nursery industries. Fall really is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. One reason is that soils are still warm and will promote strong root growth even through winter. Fall also is cooler, so the need to water isn?t as great. 
Plus, working in the yard on crisp autumn days is downright pleasant versus toiling under the harsh summer sun.
We at Plant More Plants have been busy gearing up for fall. Our website has undergone a fall makeover that?s sure to inspire you past the autumnal equinox. Finding local landscape experts, retailers and helpful resources for fall planting is easier than ever.
The Plant More Plants message also will be hitting the airwaves this fall. Watch for our ads on broadcast and cable TV in the Richmond and Hampton Roads markets, and on cable in the Washington, D.C. area. Here's one of our ads:

If you live in these regions, look for our banner ads on websites for HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network and others. 

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Why Fall is for Planting

The Central Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association is spearheading a "Fall is for Planting" campaign in and around Richmond, Va., to emphasize the benefits and advantages of planting in the fall. Every independent garden center and nursery in the metro Richmond area has agreed to promote this campaign. "Fall is for Planting" banners (pictured here) are proudly being displayed all across town.

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