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Digging In to Compost


We’ve been composting at my house for close to two years. One corner of the kitchen is reserved for old coffee cans where food scraps await their trip to the backyard compost bin. Grass clippings and fallen leaves go in there, too

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Plants We Love: River Birch

A recent stroll along the James River reminded me of my love for the river birch. As I neared the end of my walk in downtown Richmond, I happened upon a few stately specimens, their bark in full peeling splendor. 
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The Education of an Eco-Kid

When I was a kid, I proclaimed to be all about the Earth. It was the early 90s. Recycling, spotted owls and a certain superhero named Captain Planet were among my chief obsessions. Fully aware of this, my parents ? bless their hearts ? chauffeured me to all variety of environment-themed activities. There were tree plantings and litter cleanups and ecology club meetings and, of course, Earth Day celebrations

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Plant Some Happiness on Earth Day

While many people have been celebrating with green activities all week, today is officially Earth Day. How will you celebrate?

I've started by planting a container garden on my apartment porch. As you can see, it's a work in progress, but it's already added some sense of purpose to what was previously a barren concrete slate. I think Mother Nature would give me an A for effort. The birds and other creatures who've been visiting hopefully would do the same.

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