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Fall plant sale at the Nursery at Garden Gate

The Nursery at Garden Gate Landscape & Design has been one of my favorite places to visit since the launch of Plant More Plants. Located on a large wooded lot in Montpelie
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Plants We Love: Heuchera

I admit it: I’ve got a hankering for heuchera. There’s something about this member of the Saxifrage family that gives me joy. Maybe it’s the dainty flowers, the earth-toned foliage or the adorable cultivar names like ‘Purple Petticoat,’ ‘Southern Comfort,’ ‘Tiramisu’ and ‘Cinnabar Silver,’ to name a few.

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Plight of the Pollinator

I cannot live without coffee and chocolate. Therefore, I cannot live without pollinators.

This week is National Pollinator Week, and Facebook is full of beautiful, up-close photos of our pollinating friends at work. I look at them while enjoying my morning coffee (and contemplating chocolate for breakfast).

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Native Plants for Every Environment

Natives are great for many reasons. But to give them a great start, they need to be planted in the proper environment. Whether you have shade, part shade to sun, moisture or a dry landscape, there is a group of plants that would be perfect for that site

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Plants We Love: Bloodroot

Warning: Bloodroot can be extremely toxic, even fatal.

I'm not going to discuss the medical uses for bloodroot. There is plenty of information on the web (and from professional herbalists, which I certainly am not) explaining its benefits and dangers. Just let me say do your research very well. Also, consider pets and children before planting it in your landscape. As beautiful as this plant is, it is not worth risking loved ones? health or possibly even lives.

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Our Backyards - They're For The Birds!

Who doesn't enjoy hearing a songbird or catching a glimpse of their bright colors in the backyard? Some people garden specifically for wildlife, including birds, by choosing all of their plantings based on how they function for wildlife in the landscape. While you don't have to replace everything you have, certain additions can help attract our feathered friends.

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The Benefits of Gardening with Natives

To help us understand all the benefits we gain when we plant our gardens with native plant species, we can start by taking a broader view of ourselves and all the other creatures that live with us on our planet. We share a finite amount of space in a living system that is self-perpetuating as long as the different species in that system exist within certain parameters. This is the "food web" we all learned about in elementary school. At the center of those webs we always have the plants, and, if we take them away, the system collapses.

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