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It’s a simple plan:
Dig in. Cultivate Life. Plant more Plants.

Plant More Plants, a personal stewardship campaign by the Chesapeake Club, seeks to ensure a cleaner and safer Chesapeake Bay by encouraging consumers to take action - right in their own backyards. Stormwater runoff from urban and suburban land is now the fastest-growing source of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay. Native trees, shrubs, plants and grasses have expansive root systems that hold soil in place and act as natural filters of runoff, which slows soil erosion.

Threes, shrubs and perennials not only help reduce stormwater runoff they also bring color and beauty to your yard. A day or weekend of planting is also a fun, family activity that brings value to more than just your property. Take a moment to browse through our photos, videos and handouts to get a better feel for what Plant More Plants can offer you.
Grow some good.


Plant More Plants Contacts:

Julie Buchanan
Public Relations Specialist
804-371-2072 (fax)