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Welcome to the voice of a cleaner Chesapeake Bay, as heard through our resident planters. Learn how to wage "War" against stormwater runoff or "Out-Jones" the Jones's with a beautiful, Bay-friendly backyard.

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Yard of the month? Try yard of the century!
My yard vs your yard.... this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

Here are a few of our favorite planting and water quality videos. Enjoy!

Fall Is For Planting
In this one-minute video Lancaster Farms of Suffolk Va tells us why fall is the best time of year Plant More Plants
Chesapeake Unscripted
This 1:30 video from the Chesapeake Bay Program shows what happens to rainwater once it hits the ground.
Bay 101: Stormwater Runoff
A 1:30 video primer on stormwater from the Chesapeake Bay Program.

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